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'Shauna has made Tilly feel like her differences are unique and so special. She relates so well to students of all abilities and brings out their strengths. Tilly has become a very creative and confident writer.' 

Georgina Lovelock

'Shauna has a very warm and nurturing tutoring style and is a very inspiring and patient teacher. Georgina has loved coming to Shauna's creative writing homeschool group sessions'.

Kym Fullerton

'Kylah has progressed amazingly well with her reading from Shauna's tutoring and now skips confidently into school each day.'


'Shauna intuitively knows when Jack needs a break and moves onto a different activity. Jack always feels so calm and at ease with Shauna and loves her dog, Luna!'


'Shauna's Reiki session left me feeling so relaxed and peaceful. She seemed to know intuitively where my energy blockages were and balanced my energy flow so that I felt very grounded. I was able to face my day with great focus and a sense of calm.'


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